Signature morphisms on higher dimensional Cremona groups - Stephane Lamy (Universitè Toulouse)

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dalle 10:30 alle 11:30


Dipartimento di Matematica Aula 5

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C. Bisi

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Abstract : (joint work with J. Blanc and S. Zimmermann) The Cremona group
of rank n is the group of birational transformations of the projective
space of dimension n. In sharp contrast with the case of surfaces, I
will describe how one can construct many group homomorphisms from the
Cremona group to Z/2 as soon as the rank is at least 3. I will give an
idea of the ingredients of the proof, which relies on the Minimal Model
Program, via some previous work of A-S. Kaloghiros (relations in the
Sarkisov program), and also via the recent famous breakthrough of C.
Birkar (solution of the BAB conjecture about finiteness of log Fano

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