Travel information

Ferrara is easily reachable by airplane, train or highway.

The closest airport is "G.Marconi", in Bologna (BLQ), which is connected by bus+train or by shuttle to Ferrara.
In the first case you can take the Aerobus to the Bologna railway station then a train to Ferrara.
In the second (easiest and fastest option) use the Bus & Fly shuttle, from the Bologna Airport to the Ferrara railway station, 15euro, 60min trip.

To reach Ferrara by train look for the Bologna-Venice line.

Both buses and taxi can be found near the railway station.
You can take Bus line numbers 1, 6, 9 (the stop is in front of the railway station) and get out at the "Corso Giovecca - Parco Pareschi" stop. The Department is located at about 10 min. from the stop

The closest highway is the A-13 (Bologna-Padua), with exits marked: Ferrara Nord and Ferrara Sud. Please be advised that the historical part of Ferrara is subject to limited car access and parking. Inquire your hotel about the availability of a parking place when placing your reservation.

The meeting venue and the suggested hotels are within walking distances from each other and about 20-30 min. from the railway station.



The following hotels are all located within walking distance from the meeting venue:

  • Hotel Annunziata ****
  • Hotel Carlton ***
  • Hotel Europa ***

    Other hotels in the city center may also be available:

    Hotel Annunziata Piazza Repubblica, 5 - 44121 Ferrara 0532-201111 ****

    Hotel Estense Via Correggiari 4/a - 44100 Ferrara 0532-242168 ****

    Hotel Ferrara Largo Castello 36 - 44121 Ferrara 0532-205048 ****

    Hotel Carlton Via Garibaldi 93 – 44121 FERRARA 0532-211130 ***

    Hotel de Prati Via Padiglioni 5 - 44121 Ferrara 0532-241905 ***

    Hotel Europa Corso Giovecca 49 - 44121 Ferrara 0532-205456 ***

    Hotel Nazionale Corso Porta Reno 32 - 44100 Ferrara 0532-243596 ***

    Hotel San Romano Via San Romano 120 - 44123 Ferrara 0532-760170 ***

    Hotel Touring Viale Cavour 11 - 44121 Ferrara 0532-206200 ***