International exchanges and services

Ferrara is a welcoming open Campus with teaching and research facilities conveniently located in the centre as well as just outside the Renaissance walls.

The University of Ferrara continues to move forward by promoting internationalisation. Fostering an international scientific and academic community involves a multiple perspective: the pursuit of the highest teaching and research standards strengthened by a focus on specific areas of excellence and thriving on the presence of a strong historical and cultural identity. Owing to its unique urban configuration, the town presents itself as an open campus closely interacting with the community at large.

European and Non-EU programmes cover incoming and outcoming mobility from and to all over the world. Subject and courses are also taught in English and several agreements with other Universities allow to gain double titles. Visiting professors are hosted to increase the quality of research, education and partnership.


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From the Academic year 2017/18 the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a Dual master degree in Mathematics jointly with the Universitat de València and the Universitat Politècnica de València.