Descrizione Multiscala del Movimento della Linfa all'interno di un Linfonodo

Seminario in presenza - Relatore: Alberto Girelli (Università Cattolica di Brescia)

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dalle 15:00 alle 17:00


Aula C2 - Palazzo Manfredini

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" Lymph nodes are organs scattered throughout the lymphatic system which play a vital role in our immune response by breaking down bacteria, viruses, and waste; the interstitial fluid, called lymph once inside the lymphatic system, is of fundamental importance in this process as it transports these substances inside the lymph node. The main mechanical features of the lymph node include the presence of a porous bulk region (called lymphoid compartment), surrounded by a thin layer (called subcapsular sinus) where the fluid can flow freely. Lymph nodes are critical sites for the filtration and processing of lymph fluid, which contains a variety of immune cells, antigens, and other molecules. Understanding the fluid dynamics within lymph nodes is crucial for elucidating the mechanisms of immune response and for the development of therapies for lymphatic disorders.

In this talk, we will present a comprehensive multiscale description of the fluid flow within a lymph node using the asymptotic homogenization technique. This approach carefully considers the intricate multiscale characteristics of the lymph node. Specifically, we will elucidate how this model empowers us to delineate the flow patterns, distribution of pressure, and shear stress within a lymph node."