On infinity-ground states in the plane

Seminario di: Analisi Matematica

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dalle 11:00 alle 13:00


Aula C2 (Palazzo Manfredini)

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Relatore: Erik Lindgren (Uppsala University)

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In this talk, I will discuss ∞-ground states in plane. These arise as limits of
extremals of Poincare-type inequalities in Sobolev spaces. In particular, we will
explain that in a convex polygon, the points where an ∞-ground state does not
satisfy the ∞-Laplace Equation are characterized: they are restricted to lie on
specific curves, which are acting as attracting streamlines. The gradient is
contin uous outside these curves and no streamlines can meet there.
Some consequences will be discussed.


Relatore: Erik Lindgren (Uppsala University)
Luogo: Aula C2 (Palazzo Manfredini)
Data e ora: 17/06/2022, ore 11


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