Seminario di Algebra: Operads, calculi, and Hopf algebroids (Niels Kowalzig)

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dalle 16:00 alle 17:30


Aula 3, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica

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Il giorno Martedì 6 maggio alle ore 16 in aula 3 il Prof. Niels Kowalzig borsista Marie Curie dell'INdAM-COFUND presso l'Università di Roma 2, terrà un seminario dal titolo "Operads, calculi, and Hopf algebroids".


"In this talk, we show under what additional ingredients a left module in negative degrees over an operad with multiplication can be given the structure of a cyclic k-module and how the underlying simplicial homology gives rise to a calculus structure (or Batalin-Vilkovisky module) over the cohomology of the operad, which is in some sense a dual picture to the relationship between cyclic operads and Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras. In particular, we obtain explicit expressions for a generalised Lie derivative as well as a generalised (cyclic) cap product that obey a Cartan-Rinehart homotopy formula. Examples include the calculi known for the Hochschild theory of associative algebras, for Poisson structures, but above all the calculus for a general left Hopf algebroid with respect to general coefficients (in which the classical calculus of vector fields and differential forms is contained)."

Claudia Menini

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