Seminario: Reasoning in Interval Temporal Logics (Guido Sciavicco)

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dalle 11:30 alle 13:00


Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, via Machiavelli 30

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Lorenzo Pareschi

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Reasoning in Interval Temporal Logics

Prof. Guido Sciavicco, Università di Murcia - Spagna


In this talk I will survey the most important aspects in automated reasoning over temporal logics, and in particular interval-based ones - ITLs. In ITLs properties are defined over extended intervals of time, instead of points, giving rise to a huge variety of syntactical as well as semantical possibilities. While reasoning in ITLs is generally very difficult, as their satisfiability problems are often undecidable, I will focus on those interesting exceptions that have been found in the last 15 years of research, and try to point out the different ideas and stratiegies that have been proven useful in searching for computationally well-behaved ITLs. I will also try to give a sufficiently clear idea on how ITLs can be applied, and how the research in this sense is still very much active.

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