Two Algebra Talks by Prof. D. Stanovský

Selfdistributive quasigroups and quandles

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dal 12/01/2016 alle 11:25
al 13/01/2016 alle 11:25


Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica

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Marco Bonatto

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On Tuesday the 12th of January, at 11 am, Aula 2, and on Wednesday the 13th of January, at 4 pm, Aula 2,   Prof. David Stanovský, of the Charles University in Prague, will deliver two talks on the following subject:

Title: Selfdistributive quasigroups and quandles

Abstract: I will survey the theory of self-distributive quasigroups and place them into the modern framework of quandle theory. In the first part, I will review the classical theory of affine representations of medial, trimedial and distributive quasigroups, and show how it is used to obtain various properties of the quasigroups. In the second part, I will focus on quasigroups which are selfdistributive only from one side (also known as latin quandles), presenting two types of representations: an affine representation over a certain class of loops, and a homogeneous representations on cosets of groups. In the end, I can show how quandles are being used in knot theory to produce computable invariants.

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